About Us is the tech-origin and digital corporation, powering businesses with futuristic tools and result-driven digital marketing strategies. Our initiatives can work together by applying the best of software development, digital marketing, analytics, and automation.

Improved Web Presence

When you work with us, we assure you we treat your business as our own and provide you with an excellent web presence.


Better Customer Loyalty

We are here to let you know about your existing and potential clients and give you the tools you need to serve them to the best of your capability.

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Increased ROI

There will be no gaps in your work process and strategies that were keeping you aback with us working for you. We guarantee you a significant increase in your ROI.

How it all started?

Three friends in a cafe. That's how our story began back in 2016. They shared a common dream that we still pursue: to become the best company in delivering profound transformations for organizations while generating global career opportunities for IT professionals worldwide. was founded by Hafiz Ibad, and morally backed by Kamran Ansari, and Furqan Azam. We cut our teeth in startup time, started operating remotely, and then opened our office in 2019, the first milestone towards creating a decentralized company that brings opportunities closer to the talent. From the outset, we learned that speed is crucial, and over a short period, we've made it possible for small and large businesses to rethink the way they can tackle problems in simple, innovative, efficient, and scalable ways. At, we will work with you in a stepped approach and within the confines of your business structure and budget. We will work with you to identify your core problems and propose the best digital technologies and tools to resolve them.


To create an impactful existence in the digital world and emerge as an exceptional software house nationwide with global footprint in the leading international markets.


To make customers digitally strengthened by creating and adding technological values to the products and services we offer.


- Commitment to all stakeholders.
- Transparency
- Excellence

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