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Understanding the intensity of individual business personalities' mindset is different so our each partnership is also unique. Although we are always ready to shake hands to become co-operate business partners. Our partnerships tend to lie into the following categories:

  • Referral Business Partners - Refer your clients and customers to Techoid,co and get the most beneficial rituals.
  • White-Label Partners - Offer all the products and services of under the umbrella of your brand name and rest of all, we do the work.
  • Co promotion Partners - This type of partnerships may be co-promotions, co-sponsorship either be paid or unpaid .

As each business partnership is different so compensation methods may also vary. We will work together to yield the best out of our collaboration.

The types of companies we partner with

Advertising Agencies

Social Media Companies

Online Marketing Agencies

Pay-Per-Click Advertising Agencies

Marketing Agencies

Domain and Hosting Companies

Accounting Firms

HR Companies

PR Firms

Software Houses

Finance Agencies

IT Professionals

Business Consultants

Doctors/ Medical Consultants

Tech Relevant Companies

Small Business Bankers

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