Database Development

Get your data organized and readily accessible.

Database Optimization

We optimize data by practicing various methods to ensure your data retrieval with maximum speed and efficiency.

Query Optimization

By contemplating numerous possible query plans, we aim to have your executed query answered instantly.

Database Programming

Our honed team programs your database resulting in enhanced continuity, better accessibility, and upgraded security.

Database Monitoring

To proactively hunt the issues, we monitor the database in real-time guaranteeing the application’s healthy continuation.

Improved Web Presence

When you work with us, we assure you we treat your business as our own and provide you with an excellent web presence.


Better Customer Loyalty

We are here to let you know about your existing and potential clients and give you the tools you need to serve them to the best of your capability.

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Increased ROI

There will be no gaps in your work process and strategies that were keeping you aback with us working for you. We guarantee you a significant increase in your ROI.


Database Programming

Boost your business potency with the right features by our industry-leading database programmers. Our team is adept at programming databases of all code types to enable data entry, file creation, update, query, and reporting functions. With our one-of-its-kind skill, your company's database will no more be complex.


Data Migration

Data needs go hand in hand with your company's size; the bigger your company is, the more data needs you have. You will also need data migration for this, and this is where team Techoid comes in.


Data Integration

Techoid offers comprehensive solutions for enterprise data integration and application integration as the market leader in data integration solutions. Our data services and solutions are modular and complementary, running on a centralized platform and presenting users with a universal experience across applications. With Team Techoid, your data integration services can evolve into comprehensive global data services driven by cutting-edge technologies.


Writing Scripts and Functions

When your work with us, an innovative approach is guaranteed. Our team is highly skilled at thinking on their toes. No matter your requirement, just tell our adept team, and we will take care of it. It could range from specific queries to functionality that enables any unique feature. We have got you covered.


Bug Fixes

The dynamic nature of databases makes them complex no matter how much you organize and plan them. This issue can be well-addressed by a team of skilled database programmers at Techoid who can find and fix bugs for the codes to run smoothly.

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