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Seek industrial edge with a dynamic and robust web platform

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Get custom web platforms developed by us with a plethora of advanced tools and cutting-edge technologies.

Full-Stack Development

Get connected with retailers and distributors worldwide with an all-inclusive website.

Front-end Development

Your organizational needs will be sorted with our finely-developed web platforms.

Back-end Development

Access features that are easily compared to websites with internet applications at the back-end.

Improved Web Presence

When you work with us, we assure you we treat your business as our own and provide you with an excellent web presence.


Better Customer Loyalty

We are here to let you know about your existing and potential clients and give you the tools you need to serve them to the best of your capability.

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Increased ROI

There will be no gaps in your work process and strategies that were keeping you aback with us working for you. We guarantee you a significant increase in your ROI.

Expertise + Technology Website Development

Experience precedes expertise, and creative ideas float, resulting in big success when executed with the right skills and latest technology. According to our huge clientele, we set the performance bar high by our skills and creativity, perfecting it with on-time work. We have been widely known to provide users with the ease to cache the data and give a personalized experience. Techoid always works with unique and result-driven approaches to design a complete marketplace. We take pride in the most-sought team of full-stack developers for the most in-demand practice, full-stack development. Our team is familiar with resourceful digital technologies and possesses the potency to make and sort unique solutions.


The lead-generation website

The name says it all! This website is designed to generate leads through online existence. In this type of website model, SEO and targeted marketing strategies play a key role in drawing more traffic and converting them into customers. However, sales are made offline. These sites specifically target people online with buyers' intent, the prospects who are ready to spend the money on the needs they searched for. All you need to do is to convince them that your business is the most suitable fit for their needs. These websites are found online by people who have “buyer’s intent.” This means the prospective customer is basically ready to spend their money. They just need to be convinced that your business is the perfect place to do this spending!


eCommerce Website

An eCommerce website is just like an e-shop where buyers come and buy the products directly. You may have used many eCommerce websites before, considering that most of the big businesses and some small businesses have their e-shop set up now. To put it simply, any website with a shopping cart and a payment gateway where you can pay online is an example of an eCommerce website.


The utility website

A utility website basically works more like an online tool than a conventional website. These are the companies with one and same business website. A good example of utility websites can be Airbnb and Facebook. They don't primarily generate leads or online sales; they only remain in the internet space and offer easy access to anyone wanting to use them.


The Authority Website

The authority website is the one you make as an online presence for your business. This serves more like your company portfolio, where your audience can check your work and get your contact information. The kind of traffic these websites receive are mostly the people who have already heard of your company and are looking for more information. It's an online placeholder, legitimizing your business in the eyes of your audience. A good example of such a website is a construction company's website that any relevant person in the field will recommend. The client will visit the website just to find more information, so lead generation is done offline.


Entertainment Website

There are a number of websites purely intended for providing entertainment. These could be of comedy niches such as webcomics or just sites with interesting news and articles like Buzzfeed. Most of these websites aim to earn through pop-up and on-page advertisements. This can range from setting up a blog post, drawing comics, or creating fun quizzes.

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